Saturday, January 29, 2005

the mist before my eyes

I've thought of a perfectly good reason why my advisor (may his good health continue) hasn't answered either of my messages. As it does not involve his ill health or demise, I'll relax for a little on that score.

I'm trying to go back to the train wreck of Chapter One, now that I have the really great idea from my former student, at least until I hear from someone. Reading about what I'm going to add is proving easy, but looking at the dratted thing and seeing how far I have to go is more difficult.

Just to clarify: I'm not wild about having Ms Rice as our Sec of State. Her refusal to answer questions about the weapons of mass destruction, and anger when this was pointed out, worry me. Though she's qualified, I could wish for someone with a bit more experience. (I could also wish for the snow to melt and the temp to reach 75.) Her appointment sends a strong message to Europe, as do her scheduled visits abroad; I'm not sure that this is the message we should be sending.

I do have more faith in Rice's intellect and capability than in some other folks presently in government, and am pleased to see women in positions of authority. (Ruth Bader Ginsburg swore her in, also nice.) I don't have the energy to be angry for four more years, so I am trying very hard to look (and work) for the positives.

Evan Bayh for president? Hmmm. Maybe. I think he was on Kerry's short list for V-P, which woudl have been interesting. It would be nice to show the country that not all Indiana Senators are like Dan Quayle. (I can hear the Indiana bloggers call out "Lugar!" Good point, but I doubt that your average Iowa blogger knows Lugar's home state.)

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