Thursday, January 20, 2005

Everybody's Got the Right to be Happy

I like to throw goofy extra credit questions on my exams. Usually they will draw on something I've said in class that students probably didn't write down, but was just goofy enough that it might have clung to their brains. For example, President Polk once had gall bladder surgery without anesthesia. Just for variety, I might add a university question, such as the name of the Dean of Students or that year's commencement speaker. My favorite question thus far? "The 'W' in George W. Bushis name is short for --?"

Few very students know the answer, but I do get some hilarious guesses.

Ralph (his real name) is proving very elusive as a research topic

Words Written: lots of books thrown around the room
Lessons Graded: fifteen


John B. said...

I didn't think that 'Dubya' started with a 'W'

Walker, isn't it?

His dad was George Herbert Walker Bush.

Joe said...

I actually took a beat trying to figure out how Ralph could start with a W.

I'm not getting the extra credit points, am I?

Anonymous said...

I suppose "wanker" wouldn't get me much, would it?


Anonymous said...

I can think of a few suggestions for that "W". I'm too polite though. I wonder how many people here in Britain know what Tony Blair's middle names are though. Or even know that they begin with C and L.

lemming said...

Well, er, the possibiliies are endless... but...