Sunday, January 16, 2005

digging out

On Thursday most of the neighborhood was underwater. I awoke this morning to the sound of a snowblower.

The weather has been pleasantly warm for winter - mittens only needed for the evening walk with Sam, and I've no idea where my hats might be at the moment. Now it's bitterly cold, and supposed to grow even colder.

To top it all off, the Jets lost yesterday, yet IU won in double overtime!

Nothing can compare to the constancy of an Indiana winter.

Words Written: writing a book review
Lessons Graded: twelve


John B. said...

And, like any good Indiana winter, the Colts are out of the playoffs...

John B. said...


You are now learning what it is to be a football fan...a lot of suffering, with bits of elation thrown in just to keep your interest.

I predict, we will have you watching 3 or 4 games a weekend by next season, and have you looking at the sports section first in the newspaper!

lemming said...

Watch 3 or 4 football games a day? Not with my glamorous job.

Besides which, nothing can ever lure me away from reading the comics first.