Monday, January 10, 2005

more music confessions

There's music that is great (Wagnerian opera) and then there's music that is fun (Gilbert & Sullivan Opperettas.) Though the greatness factor to G & S can and probably is debated by folks who actually know something about music history and technique, I must say that I'm far more likely to hum "I Am A Pirate King" than any of Wagner's leit motifs.

Though certainly not great, an awful lot of early 1980s pop is fun. I ran lots of errands today and heard "Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves no less than five times. I would not claim greatness for this song, and it's several steps below even G & S on their worst days ( The Grand Duke anyone? Bueler?) but everytime that it popped on, I found myself happily singing along.

Yes, the woman whose computer is obsessed with Liza M. dares to make such assertions. It is it is a glorious thing to be a lemming (Hurrah for Professor Lemming!)

Words Written: kept 95% of what I did this weekend, and added another 678
Lessons Graded: does no one know how to use the apostrophe?!

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Rachel said...

Oh, Great Spirit of 80s Music, thou art so evocative of my youth...

How's that for an apostrophe? *grin*