Tuesday, February 01, 2005

pizza toppings

A flier for a national pizza chain arrived in today's mail. They produce tasty pizzas, but hardly gourmet product. Yet (conjunction) the topping list doesn't say "mushrooms" but "baby portabella mushrooms."

I'm trying to juggle my schedule to attend a talk by a visiting historian. I am more excited about attending this talk and the accompanying party than, well, my grandmother probably was when Frank Sinatra came to town. I suppose swooning in the historian's arms would probably be more unusual than baby portabella mushrooms, but it would make me memorable at least.

If I feel really brave, I might even ask to have my badly battered, much marked-up copy of his latest book autographed.

Words Written: four hundred and six - a really promising tangent!
Lessons Graded: forty-one (groan!)


John B. said...

who is the historian? McCullough, Burns, a biggie like that?

Greg said...

The funny thing is, they all have "baby portabella mushrooms", they just choose not to market it like that.

lemming said...

John - no, I don't think he's ever appeared on the History Channel or New York Times Best-Seller List. He's a big fish in a small pond, which is not such a bad thing to be, really.

Hugh said...

Is that like baby seals or veal, or something like that?? I think we should at least let baby mushrooms get through their adolescence. . . . SAVE THE BABY PORTOBELLOS.