Wednesday, January 12, 2005


I seem to have passed into an intermediate stage of adulthhood in that I don't get carded when purchasing alcohol, but cashiers instead ask for my date of birth. I'm always tempted to give another birthday and see if I can talk them into it - am I five years older than my actual age? Ten?

The week's grocery purchases included a bottle of red wine, and the cashier threw me a curve ball by asking for my age instead of my birthday. I honestly couldn't remember for a moment, which she thought very funny.

There's no word yet from #3 and #4. I'm starting to wonder what would happen if I sent them Chapter 3 before getting comments on Chapter 2. This is pie in the sky, really, as the chapter is still very much in its infancy.

Words Written: more free-lance work done
Lessons Graded: sixteen


Anonymous said...

I have no trouble remembering my age - nice round figure that it is! lol

Joe said...

I've noticed that, at Kroger, this date gets typed in to the computerized checkout system. Which sets me off two ways - one, that my birthdate is being tracked by my grocery store, and two, that they've given up on their employees being able to read the "no alcohol if you weren't born before" calendar.

John B. said...

They never ask my age anymore when I buy beer, and I am only 36!

Swankette said...

Way to make a girl feel old! Since the age of about 24 I've only been carded when going to places where EVERYONE gets carded at the door. Last time anyone even said anything at a grocery store I was about 25 and the cashier talked over me to the cashier in the next lane over and said, "She's 21, right?"

Which is just as well, because I've been traumatized by my ID in the past. As in during the Clinton administration the photo on my ID looked very similar to a certain intern who was getting a lot of press at the time.

TeacherRefPoet said...
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Hugh said...

Joe --

They never ask me my age, but the fine people at Kroger always seem to put their birthdays in, so they may be only tracking their own age. Unfortunately, I've looked 25 since about junior high school.