Thursday, January 27, 2005

Lemming's Lament(s)

Progress of the Lemming, now speeding rapidly off the cliff - zero.

I've hit a massive brick wall with Chapter Three, thanks to Ralph and a few of his peers.

#3 and #4 have yet to send a smoke signal my way.

I've sent two e-mails to my advisor (may he live forever) in the last week and he has responded to neither. (This is comparable to me going without caffeine for a week: unheard of.)

The editor is now obsessed with convincing me that sentences can begin with conjunctions, and likes to send me further examples of its correctness.

I realize that there are plenty of people in the world with much larger problems than mine at the moment, so I'll shush. Wallowing in self-pity will solve none of this.

On a very different note, I am surprised and intrigued to learn that Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN) was one of the 13 to vote against making Rice Sec. of State. I expected no votes from, say, Kennedy and Boxer, but 13 nays interests me greatly. NPR said that this is the largest number of nays for this post, second only to a 1925 vote that I know nothing about, but probably should.

It's hardly surprising that I like seeing an intellegent and educated woman in such an important position, though I am saddened to note that she achieved all of this by not having a family. (Yes, it's possible that she didn't want one, I know, I know.)

(Scurries off to read more about it.)

Words Written: zero (sigh)
Lessons Graded: thirty-one It never ends...


Tippecanoe said...

I'm not sure about Evan Bayh. He seems to normally vote the safe vote that will not alienate voters, and occasionally vote against the mainstream when he can look independent and get a lot of press.

He has been running for President for the last 8 years.

Anonymous said...

Although she's not quite so unpopular, here in Europe, as Bush is she's not that far behind him in the worry/fear stakes. This appointment is very worrying to us and I expect that the members of your senate who voted against her are well aware of how she's viewed here.

Anonymous said...

She may be a very intelligent and accomplished woman, Lemm, but that hardly qualifies her for Secretary of State. Good on Evan Bayh!


Anonymous said...

If Evan Bayh's running for President, he might've voted against Condi Rice to avoid seeming like someone who was for the war, then against, then for, etc. Kerry's vote might be read the same way, or it might be read as a sign that he's not trying to position himself to be president anymore, but rather voting his conscience. Imagine that.


Joe said...

And on those other issues... hang in there. You, like Grover, will somehow get "over, and under, and through" the brick wall, the readers and advisor (may their health endure like mighty oaks) will communicate and be wise and helpful, and those of us who speak English good will continue to side with you about starting sentences with conjunctions in formal writing.

And we'll all maintain some perspective.

Hoping you're finding bitter cold mitigated with sunny bllue skies, as we are on the hill.