Wednesday, January 19, 2005

will work for coffee

Thanks for the writing support everyone. I feel much better. My (edited) prose will still appear with lots of dependent clauses, but I have the satisfaction of being right. That and $1.50 will buy me a cup of coffee. When the editor is done, I will be able to afford several cups of coffee, so everything is linked in the end.

I'm very fond of my mailman. No, no, I'm not fond of him in that way. (He does have a very nice smile.) After all, this is the person who shows up at my door with my boxes from Amazon. Anticipating what #3 and #4 might say, I placed a big book order a few weeks ago that Amazon had to split up. Those boxes, combined with some late Christmas gifts, meant that the mailman dropped a box off at my door every day for six days in a row. I happened to be at the mailbox when he showed up today. "I'm sorry Mizz Lemming, no books today, but you do have four book catalogs."

Happiness is...

Speaking of happiness, it's been bitterly cold for the last few days. Sam sprints outside three times a day to take care of business, then runs back in as quickly as possible. Yet at walk time, he is convinced 1) that we're going and 2) it won't be cold. I love my dog. I will walk him in the rain, and in the dark, and on a train. I will not walk him when the wind chill means that the temps are below freezing. After three days of this, he's taken to sulking.
Words Written: Ralph? who on earth names their child Ralph?
Lessons Graded: fifteen

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John B. said...


Ginger will not go outside for any longer than the amount of time it takes her to perform her thrice / 4X daily outdoor duty. She won't even chase squirrels in this cold weather.

When it is below zero, as it was up here the last couple of evenings, she goes out, does her business, and then wimpers at the door a minute later.

I think she has more chicken in her than dog.