Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Comments from #2 arrive!

Having worked Chapter Two as much as we could, the advisor (may his health and prosperity flourish) announced that it was time to send it round to the others. Quite frankly, this is good and bad - good that he thinks it ready, and bad in that, well, it means not one but three more sets of comments.

Professor #2 is essentially happy wth Chapter Two, but does have some excellent if rather challenging suggestions. I think #2 may have come up with the solution to an organizational complication that really had me at a loss.

My advisor (may he live forever) is, as I've said before, a terrific giver of comments. My #2 is as well, but reads for very different things than my advisor. This is hardly surprising, since their specific expertise is in different fields. #2 trusts my style and revisions, and instead focuses upon the overall narrative and ways in which the larger pieces of the diss fit together. Indeed. I think #2 probably has a better sense of this at the moment than I do.

The use or abuse of the semi-colon matters not a bit to #2, and I could fudge the proper format of a footnote and be forgiven. Then again, #2 may trust in the advisor (may he live forever) to take care of this.

Now to await #3 and #4. Their comments will include, I predict, lists of at least twenty more books that I need to read. It is unlikely that any of them will be Dave Barry Does Japan, but I can always dream.

Words Written: zero
Lessons Graded: fifteen

(need to reverse those numbers again...)

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