Tuesday, January 11, 2005

St. Vitalis

No, I hadn't heard of him until today. (I'm praying my way through the saints, can you tell?) Sez in my guidebook that in the year 500, St. V. left his private meditations and traveled to Alexandria to convert prostitutes. Every night he would purchase the services of a lady, and then pray with her until dawn rather than, er, sample her wares. Eventually his frequent visits to brothels attracted public notice and St. V. was killed - you can probably fill in the details.

There are many kinds of courage, and I hope that I have some of them, but I don't know that I could do as he (and plenty of more recent folks) did.

Words Written: lots, but none on the diss (freelance project)
Lessons Graded: thirty-one

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John B. said...


What a great thing to do, pray through the saints. The saints can provide us inspiration and a model for living our everyday life--even if we have a difficult time attaining sainthood.

Keep it up!