Thursday, March 31, 2005

creep, crawl, climb

Spring is creeping in. I like Spring because I can see, surprise surprise, progress.

Sam had a near-perfect day yesterday. The sun shone, which meant a good long sunbathe on the patio. The mailman delievered a package, so Sam could indulge in a good, long bark. Then the Precocious Neighbor Child came by, and scratched his ears for a good half hour. The evening stayed warm, which meant open windows, which meant lying beneath them at the perfect angle to catch each scent and noise until his nose and ears quivered with joy.

Today it is grey and chilly, so he's napping indoors on the sofa.

Comments from #3 on Chapters One and Two arrived today and my advisor (may he live forever) says that he's put Chapter one with his comments in the mail. I have about a month until the microfilm needed for Chapter Three arrives, so I should be revising. Well, that's theory, anyway.

Words Written: not yet
Lessons Graded: twelve

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Don said...

This is the best time for dogs ... and cats. They are smelling new things in the air -- it's as if they are leaving our little shared world and diving into their own place of sense.

They really do a little "ode to spring" jig this time of year.