Wednesday, March 30, 2005

deep cleansing breath

Sory about yesterday's angry post, everyone. I stumbled across a web site (a really terrific one, by the way) that it turns out a lot of my students have been using. I don't mind that they use it, I mind when they copy it and submit the site's words as their own work. Hence the large number of Fs yesterday. The juxtaposition of their cheating with my own struggle to get the diss done so that I can go on teaching wasn't a plesant one.

Then of course I did my blogroll and read about the foolish girl whose name is now well-known for trying to get someone to write her paper. (Is this story real, or yet another case of the Internet pulling our collective leg?)

Now I'm calmer. One of my favorite historians has just come out with a new book. Most of his works have the kind of titles and covers that are best read in private, as they tend to attract odd stares. Luckily this one has a calmer title and a nice picture of a house on the front. Maybe he's mellowing with age.

Words Written: zero
Lessons Graded: fifteen

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Anonymous said...

I think that you were entirely justified in being angry. I suppose we live in a world now (internet etc) where cheating is all too easy.

In my university days (92-95) even cheating required a reasonable amount of physical research. Not that I ever cheated - it wasn't even a temptation.