Wednesday, March 02, 2005

ten things meme

(catches blogging ball thrown by Greg)

"Ten (OK, Eight) Things I've Done That You Probably Haven't Done"

1) Named a dog after an opera star
2) Read the entire primary documents collection for the Shaker village of North Union, Ohio.
3) Survived an entire Indiana summer without air conditioning
4) Spent more than $50 on photocopies at once, all in dimes
5) Fed milk to baby gerbils with an eyedropper
6) Graded an exam completed in eyeliner pencil (the student ran out of pens)
7) My first legal drink was purchased for me by a priest
8) Written a research paper for which I had to read a hundred or so romance novels

Well, that's eight, at least.

(throws ball back into play)

Words Written: zero (sigh)
Lessons Graded: twenty
Books on Floor: seven


John B. said...

I've done #5!

Oh, and I have been out and about drinking with a few priests in the past, but none were at my 21st party.

Well done, lemming. Maybe I will pick up the ball on this one.

lemming said...

You have tended baby gerbils??!

John B. said...

Yes, we took them in for a weekend, our oldest son Chris got to take them home for the weekend when he was in 2nd or 3rd grade. They were the 'class pet', and couldn't be left at school over the weekend; he volunteered us to care for them.

We fed them out of these little bottles with nipples, they looked like baby doll bottles.

On second thought, they might have been hamsters...almost the same thing, in my eye anyhow.

Anonymous said...

Yeah - safe to say that I've done none of those things. :)