Thursday, March 03, 2005

in threes?

I dreamed last night about my upcoming lunch with #3. We were eating lunch at the zoo, in front of the koalas. (Note: the local zoo is terrific, but has no koalas.)

#3 kept asking detailed questions about the influence of Eric Idle in my fourth chapter (which exists only in my head and has nothing to do with Mr. Idle.) I've had this dream before, though the koalas are new.

When working on my senior honors thesis, I had a reoccuring dream about green monsters jumping around a classroom. During qualifying exams, I frequently dreamed about Mamie Eisenhower. Of the three, I suppose having lunch at the zoo is probably the least alarming.

Words Written: zero in the computer, lots of random jotting on scraps of paper
Lessons Graded: twelve
Books on Floor: nine (really, I'm trying to write!)


Don said...

Your dream reminds me of a wonderful Michael Lachusia opera called "First Lady Suites." The first act is Jackie Kennedy on Air Force One flying between Fort Worth and Dallas on 11/22/63. Her assistant Mary Gallagher speculates about her.

The second is Mamie Eisenhower, sitting in her pink tufted bed in the White House. Marian Anderson shows up and urges her to deal with the Central High problem in Little Rock. Mamie is not helpful, and then end up flying in the bed to North Africa during World War II and Mamie sees Ike dancing with the woman Kay Sommers who was his assistant and who wrote she had an affair with him during the war. They sing and dance. Mamie decides to fly back to the 1950s and urge Ike to help the African American students.

The entre-act takes place on the stage and its Margaret and Beth Truman attending a Democratic Christian Women Convention. Margaret is going to sing, and her dowdy mom is trying to open her purse and unwrap a cough drop as the nervous Margaret starts her singing. The mom is usually played by the one male actor/singer (who plays Ike). The final act has Amelia Erhart flying Eleanor Roosevelt over Washington, DC in her play. Hick, the woman reporter who lived at the White House and who was obviously in love with Eleanor (was it reciprocated?) is in the back of the plane, complaining about Eleanor's many fascinations and Amelia's derring-do.

So fantastical, and some based on personal memoirs. I saw it once in New York and once in DC. Very special piece of music and much in the spirit of your dreams.

Greg said...

Somebody needs a vacation.