Saturday, March 26, 2005

a koala-free lunch

Well, #3 and I finally met. No Australian animals, tree-dwelling or otherwise, were present.

Note that I make no mention of lunch, as we didn't have that, either.

Despite having asked to meet for lunch, #3 was very slow to reply to my e-mails about little details, such as the time and place. Since I needed to be on campus anyway, on Thurday night I set up a meeting with my advisor (may he live forever.) Naturally #3 e-mailed me on Friday morning to ask for a meeting at the same time.

(sigh) We did meet. We actually had a pleasant and helpful conversation about the overall argument and philosophy of the diss. #3 had read the new! and improved! Chapter One and we discussed it a little, too. I took lots of notes and came up with some good ideas.

Ready for the kicker? #3 still hasn't read chapter Two. You remember Chapter Two - the one that I sent out in December. #3 didn't realize I wanted comments on it, too.

The day did get better. More on that, later.

Words Written: zero
Lessons Graded: two

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