Friday, March 11, 2005


Chapter got in at 4 on the dot. It's not what I'd hoped for, but it's in. Now to steel myself for the feedback.

I'm one of those teachers who, in additint o correcting mistakes, also litters student assignments with smiley faces and wry asides. Students think it's all for them, and I suppose in a sense it is, but it's also because every now and again I pour days and days (and sleepless nights) into a chapter and kow that my committee figures I'm old enough to take criticism without smiley faces or gold stars mixed in.

You can criticize almost anything about me, and I can take it without flinching, but I'm painfully aware that my writing isn't all that I could wish.

Having cleared the chapter and its associated books from my desk, now it's back to clearing the grading pile and (I hope) another freelance project.

Enough of my self-obsessed neurosis, you're all tired of reading about this topic.

Words Written: zero
Lessons Graded: zero
Books on Floor: zero


John B. said...


As you well know, writing develops over time, and just like a sport or playing music, practice makes perfect.

I have been thinking of changing my blog a bit...less posts, but longer in length and more personal. My writing style better lends itself to a three to five page paper, rather than two paragraphs.

I am sure that you are being harder on yourself than you need to be concerning your writing. It is a sign of an inner competitive spirit.

Anonymous said...


i'm not tired of this topic at all! Seems to me that part of the purpose of your blog is to build some community around you to support you in your writing. So we come to the site because we want to read and support you!

congratulations on getting it done! The critiques and revisions will come, but delight in a clear desk and a good bottle or glass of something celebratory!