Saturday, March 12, 2005

of dogs and snow

Sam is outside, barking ferociously at some menace I cannot detect. He's generally a pretty quiet fellow, so this threat must be something more than a passing feline or car driving by.

Yesterday it snowed off and on most of the day, snowflakes the size of quarters, blowing about in a driving wind. Driving home from the grocery store, I stopped for a a golden retriever who was crossing the street. I love to watch big, gallumping dogs walk, but this one was walking laboriously. The wind was fierce, and the dog swerved and veered around without any particular direction in mind. Even with cars coming in both directions, the dog continued to wander in the middle of the street for almost a minute.

I had a leash in the car, so I pulled over and got out. A repairman did the same, since he happened to have handful of dog biscuits with him. For all that the collarless dog moved laboriously, it moved quickly enough that we never got close enough to offer biscuits or offer shelter from the wind and snow. Eventually the dog disappeared into a shed and we gave up, hoping that this was home.

I love my dog very much - he really is endlessly loyal and forgiving, and simply having Sam around is a deep comfort. I do hope that yesterday's dog really did have a warm home, and that his return included towels and biscuits.

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John B. said...

I also hate to see stray dogs in any weather, but especially in bad weather.

I suspect that the dog probably had a home, but either broke out or ran away temporarily.

Anonymous said...

Aw, poor dog. I hope that it had a home.

Wow! The system has actually let me in to post a note here. I've been having lots of trouble trying to note you lately.