Tuesday, March 15, 2005

acts of contortion

I took the morning's reading to the local library. My favorite seat (by the window, but not too close, so as to escape the draft) happens to overlook the help desk. Usually the librarians are enganed in library activities: helping people find books, looking topics up on the computers, coding new books into the system.

This morning, four librarians were standing in a little clutch, looking at the front cover of a paperback book. Suddenly, one of them hoisted another over his shoulder. The remaining two looked at them, then at the book again.

Turned out that the book in question has a picture on the cover of a tall and ruggedly good looking man, rescuing a damsel from some sort of distress by carrying her over his shoulder. Two of the librarians insisted that the angle at which the artist portrayed the damsel and the man's hand was physically impossible and demonstrated it. I don't think they realized that I was watching.

Weep for Sam - he is about to undergo that great indignity, a bath.

Words Written: zero
Lessons Graded: nineteen


John B. said...

Hey, tell Sam that if I have to take a bath once a week, his indignity of a monthly bath isn't so bad.

Tell him if he doesn't behave and sit still, you are going to send him outside while his fur is still wet.

Joe said...

Librarians have more fun at work than most people think. Still, I must admit that "throw a colleague over my shoulder to make a point" has never been an option so far...