Friday, April 29, 2005

time zone hurrah!

In keeping with my resolution to find the positive about current political affairs, I rejoice in the Time Zone news. All right, so some law-makers referred to it as "unncessary intrusion into people's private lives." They'e probably the same folks who voted againist civil unions last week. Governor Daniels may be gutting the already pitiful education system, but at least we will finally have a time zone.

A friend leaves this evening for ten days in England. Knowing that he'd have abundant time to pass after clearing security, he sent an e-mail to a few of us earlier this week, asking if we'd mind chatting with him via cell phone this afternoon. Sure, no problem - so we were due to connect at 2 PM. I neglected to ask about time zones (he has one) and am not sure he knew we were back on Central, so a little juggling had to take place on my end. I rejoice that such confusions will become a thing of the past.

I did watch part of the press conference last night. I got as far as 90 seconds (I timed them) of listening to George W. talk about why No Child Left Behind is working before changing channels, which for me shows great progress.

Speaking of progress, pencil mark person showed greater stamina than blue pen. I should have purchased Green Book from Amazon, as the marks are proving distracting. I secretly suspect Roger of being pencil, actually, but cannot prove it. I'm halfway through the text, and should read the tables sometime tonight. To all of you who will be out at the movies or attending social events this evening, I raise my coffee cup and post-it notes in salute.

Words Written: still no microfilm
Lessons Graded: three

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Swankette said...

In College I was of the firm belief that when one sold back their used textbooks they should be required to indicate the grade they got in the class to the future purchasers of the book.

Because sometimes I was really confused by the stuff they chose to highlight, and it would have helped a lot to know if they were an A student or didn't pass the class.