Tuesday, April 05, 2005

little things

My daffodils bloomed yesterday afternoon, around 3 PM. Despite my inadequacies as a gardener, they survived the winter and looks fantastic. Happy happy

I'm quite partial to Rachel's latest student blooper. Yesterday, one of my students, who frequently forgets to cite his quotations, started writing about the many important historic cites in Virginia, such as Monticello and Gettysburg. No, not one of the better lessons, but it amused me, which is almost as good. I don't mind the C students as long as they're trying their best, and he clearly is. Maybe I should go back to calling them quotations again.

One of the faculty who showed up to my presentation two Fridays ago turned out to have a particularly great intuitive understanding of what I'm trying to do - plus is very funny and easy-going. I'll call this person #42. When #42 learned that a Chapter Two existed, great interest was expressed in reading it. "I'll be at a conference this week, but please send it along and I'll get to it as soon as I can." Having slogged through #3's comments (all of them critical) I'm looking forward to seeing #42's comments, whenever they arrive.

I should explain my comment dependency and fixation: I'm an extrovert, very strongly so. I figure ideas out by talking through them with other people. Sitting by myself in front of the computer, day after day, may be the traditional writing method, but it drives me bonkers. Having other people who can read what I've written and offer ideas is exactly what I need. Then I can sit by myself in front of the computer again.

Words Written: zero
Lessons Graded: twenty or so


John B. said...

No wonder I couldn't find Gettysburg on my last trip to Virginia...I drove all over the state looking for it.

Maybe I will find it when I drive to Pennsylvania this year.

lemming said...

Yes, well, as I said, a C student who is, at least, trying...

(count on you to notice that first!)

Greg said...

He can't be trying too hard if he doesn't even take the time to look where the most famous Civil War battle took place.

And would that person be named #42 because he's the answer to everything?


John B. said...

I guess his historic cites are probably not correct either.

Is this a test?