Thursday, April 28, 2005

holding pattern

The Indiana legislature was due to vote on adopting an actual time zone at 11:30 today, but I haven't had the nerve to check on their progress. I think we should have one and I vote for Central, but I'm not optimistic about either succeeding. Probably someone will come up with yet another so-called morality bill and sidetrack the whole process all over again.

I still do not understand people's resistance to this bill. One congressperson suggested adding a clause that allowed individual counties to vote on whether they wanted to opt out of having a time zone, no matter what the state decided. That's Indiana for you, folks.

Still trudging through The Green Book. The pencil marks from a grad student have been joined by blue ball point pen from someone else. Oddly enough, neither appears to have read the lengthy tables at the back which to me look like the most exciting part of the book. (Really!)

On Roger's advice I redid Chapter Two as a possible journal article. My advisor (may he live forever) sent it back to me with comments. He likes it, but thinks it needs a new introduction. Oddly enough, the advisor (may his good health and happiness continue) didn't offer any suggestions as to what I might say or change: very unusual. Instead he suggests sending it to the journal we chose and wait to see what their editors say.

Words Written: none, nada, zip
Lessons Graded: Fifteen to go and then the in-box will be empty


Rachel said...

For purely personal reasons, if Indiana goes with DST, I really hope they go with Eastern. I've been noticing I get less sleep since Michigan went on DST, and we're now an hour later with you guys (since the person I call nightly is in Indiana...)

Tippecanoe said...

If only the State could pick the time zone. Unfortunately, a time zone can only be designated by the Federal Department of Transportation. Part of the bill that was passed late last night requires the State to petition the DOT for a change to Central. Until then, we start DST in the Eastern zone next year. The later sunrise is really going to mess up my morning bike rides.

Dale Grubb admitted that he added the amendment allowing counties to opt out of DST in an attempt to kill the bill. That provision was removed in the conference committee.

Drewster said...

Government is just crazy! Let counties opt out of the DST? Great!

Does that mean people change their watches if they live in one county and work in another? Or would you have two watches?

What time is it congressman? Well, in the capital it is 4pm, but at home in my county it is 5pm, so I am off for the day!

lemming said...

Drew - Indiana is goody, theres no other word. Grubb is especially goofy, but that's another story...