Wednesday, April 06, 2005


I've been revising today. Mid-afternoon, a large spider scuttled across my toes and stopped next to the trash can. Without thinking, I picked up the nearest book and threw it on top of said spider, crushing it. To my amusement, the nearest book turned out to be Where the Bodies Are, a guide to finding "rich, famous and Interesting" grave sites throughout America.

That's sites by the way, not cites.

Words Written: I'm in the eight hundreds
Lessons Graded: fifteen


Anonymous said...

Aw - poor little spider.

I always escort spiders out of my home, I never kill them. Actually I thinkj it's the same spider who gets thrown out every day...


Drewster said...

I am a spider escort too! Wives' tales say killing a spider will make it rain.

I had a camper I was in charge of one summer kill a spider. I said, "Haup! It's gonna rain!" She just laughed at me. Few days later it rained. She said, "Oh my gosh! You were right!"

Of course, we were in Austin, Texas. I had the weather odds in my favor. The fact that she remembered what I said through to the next rain storm was the amazing thing!