Monday, April 11, 2005

coming up tulips

The first tulips bloomed today, a long line of them.

The mystery plants that I dug out of the neighbors' sandbox also thrive, which excites me no end. I must see about transplanting them sometime soon - I odn't know what size pot they need, but I'm sure they'll be happier in the ground. Still no blooms, so for all I know they're chives or prairie grass, but it's been a fun experiment in gardening.

I'm really hoping that Daylight Saving Time gets adopted today in the Indiana state legislature, even though I'd have preferred that we adopt Central Time as our zone. I still don't understand the argument that we shouldn't pick a time zone and stick with it because it won't accomplish anything. If nothing else, it will standardize television listings - right now you have to remember which networks think we're on Eastern in the summer and which ones think we're on Central.

Words Written: nine hundred or so (needs editing)
Lessons Graded: nineteen
Books on Floor: seven, not counting The Memory of All That

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