Wednesday, April 20, 2005

running in place

The weather is very transitional this afternoon. A thunderstorm will break soon, probably sometime late this afternoon, so at times the air is cooler and the sky grey. At others the sun bursts back through the clouds and the birds get loud again. Something must be blooming, because the wind blowing in smells terrific. I love spring.

Very little progress of any sort by the lemming of late.

- Still no bathtub plug but I promise to visit a big-box hardware store soon.

- The end of the semester is nigh, which means another round of plagarists who are baffled that I can spot them so quickly. (Hint: when a B student starts talking about obscure political terms unrelated to the class, that's a good sign.)

- A friend took me out to lunch yesterday at the big downtown Indy mall. Though I managed to get there without incident, my innate inability to navigate meant that I had a tour of greater (and not so great) downtown before finding home. I though the streets named after states only ran east-west: oops. I did manage to stay in the right general area, which I suppose counts as progress of a sort.

- The advisor (may he live forever) is not happy with my latest written work. That is to say, he likes the ideas, but the execution isn't what he had in mind. I'd revise and give him rapid turn-around, except that there are papers of my own to be graded, and I'm being paid for rapid turn-around. I am getting lots of thank-yous from students which is always nice.

Speaking of which, a former student, now living in New Zealand, has offered to name a sheep after me. Compliment? I hope so.

Words Written: zero
Lessons Graded: thirty-eight


Rachel said...

It mystifies me how advisors can expect good writing from working teachers at the end of the semester. That you wrote=accomplishment. That being said, revision is usually easier to do in time-snatches than original writing, and thus could qualify as a break between grading piles.

John B. said...


Get a bathtub plug, we don't need smelly bloggers around here.

Also surprising that I might know my way around downtown Indy better than you...except that I used to work down there once a week for about 2 years, so I might have a decided advantage.

I can come up with an advisor curse if you would like!

Matt said...

Now, are we talking an individual sheep, or like a whole new breed of sheep?

Because having a whole breed named after you would be quite the honor, whereas any specific sheep will probably get unceremoniously slaughtered one day. That would make the already questionable symbolism even murkier.

Anonymous said...

Very few people get sheep named after them. It usually works the other wat around... ;)