Thursday, September 16, 2004

the pickle monster speaks

Having read the cache of letters, I now know that Grandpa and I must have bonded over pickles, as there are lots of references to the two of us having eaten an entire jar of them one winter's afternoon. For several months, he signed his letters, "the pickle monster."

"Ellen broke her wrist last week. Age 72 isn't the best age for bone breaking; she should have waited until 73. I wonder if she roller skates?"

"Glad that Lemming likes the silverware. I'll borrow another set for her the next time I fly overseas."

"You dig the basement to teh desired depth, and then another eighteen inches for a layer of coarse gravel, which will improve drainage. You are then left with surplus dirt for the neighbor of your choosing; I would suggest the one with the dog who howls whever you turn on the opera."

"The birthday was lovely; the ambulance techs were kind, the ER nurses teased me, and I went home with 5 mg of valium, in addition to the heart attack and ulcer meds." (He really did have heart trouble that day.)

Words Written: four hundred and six
Lessons Graded: zero

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