Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Great Moments in Music

While waiting at a stoplight, I realized that my radio (the BBC news) could not be heard over the music from the car next to mine. Sure enough, the windows were open, and the SUV's driver looked about twenty. Then I realized that she was listening to, I kid you not, "Il Matrimonio Segreto" as sung by Samuel Ramey and Thomas Hampson on No Tenors Allowed. (I don't usually recognize Classical music so quickly, but I just listened to the disc last night; it's good writing music.) Sure enough, she had an IU School of Music window sticker.

For all lovers of Broadway Musicals, I link to the following wonderful story. Cease Calling me Satan or I will Sing Show Tunes." (Thanks, Mme. Q.)

Words Written: one thousand and six
Lessons Graded: thirty-six

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Shannin said...

I hate when people feel the need to share their music with you. Where I am currently, it's not classical they're playing either -- it's usually rap with a bass set so low and so loud my windows shake. Sometimes I think that it's these jokers who set off earthquakes.