Saturday, September 18, 2004

dance up the stairs

I'd given up. I'd consigned my theory to the realm of, "well, it did happen 400+ years ago, maybe the written records that allow us to make educated and informed guesses have just disappeared." I'd accepted my limitations. I'd moved on. Records do decay, after all. I could cope with the uncertainity. It's a little, minor element, not vital to my larger arguments or presentation, just a little niggling wonder at the back of my mind... I was looking up details for an unrelated element of the chapter, blithely thinking about something else.... AND THERE IT WAS! Proof! Not just a guestimate, but proof! 110% proof! Four hundred year old proof! I am right, the older generation is wrong, and I can prove it, conclusively! Not just "well, this would be a logical supposition," but PROOF!

I screamed, "Eureka!" OK, I screamed it two or three times. I jumped. I danced. I shouted. I hugged the dog. Deion Sanders I am not, but I did a boogie that he would envy. Who needs choreography when you have pure joy? This is a small piece of a much larger puzzle, but I am SO happy.

"Men live in the estimation of posterity not by their deeds alone, but by their historians as well." - Jefferson Davis

Words Written: three hundred and thirty-six
Lessons Graded: twenty-five


Rachel said...

Congratulations! I so envy you your proof; I rarely, if ever, get to have that. (My period is six hundred years before yours, after all!)

Proof-envy. Yep. (grin.)

Joe said...