Friday, August 27, 2004


For yet another day, it is as humid as a glass of water. I was up far too late and up far too early, and even then, it was hot and humid. It's been a pleasantly cool summer, but I suppose Indiana had to sock it to us one last time before August ended.

Despite the weather, the local schools have sent out lots of fresh-faced, well-scrubbed children, selling various items door-to-door to raise additional financial support for said schools. I don't mind Girl Scout cookies, or Boy Scout popcorn, but somehow having the schools send out children for this reason bothers me. Is there a larger plan or purpose to this?

Hurrah for the USA Women of soccer! A second 'hurrah' that they were willing to sing the national anthem in front of millions of people, whatever their actual sound.

Speaking of music, the later the hour, the more Liza Minnelli my computer selects at random.

Words Written: two hundred and three
Lessons Graded: fifty-nine

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Anonymous said...

What is summer like? I've heard rumours that such things exist but after two months of constant heavy rain right across England it's hard to believe that such things as summer still exist. ;)