Sunday, August 15, 2004


Several good, mystical, though-proking hymns today, including "Let All Mortal Flesh" with a last verse all about "cherubim with sleepless eye" and not looking directly at God, even in heaven.

Like many Anglicans, I'm not all that familiar with the book of Revelation, and what I do know is tough for me to wrap my post-modern brain around. (Probably not surprising that I know the names of all four of Jacob's wives, but stumble here!) I can think in symbolic terms about "washing robes in the blood of the lamb" but, never having lived around sheep, it's a difficult literal image.As an overly optimistic person, I'm not comfortable with the idea that only 180, 000 (or is it that number times the twelve tribes of Israel?) are saved. As a historian-in-training, I know that the book was very nearly removed from the Bible several centuries ago, which probably also colors my urge not to think about it too much.

Yet the image of angels dazzled by the light, power and love of God, so deeply moved that "with ceasless voice they cry" his praise is amazing to me.

Words Written: forty-five
Lessons Graded: eighteen

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Anonymous said...

I'm a sort of lapsed Anglican (CofE) so I know what you mean. :) It's a long time since I've considered myself to be religious but I remember it. :)