Tuesday, August 10, 2004

I suggest that you confine your discussion...

"to your health and the weather." - Alan Jay Lerner

I have a mild headache, due to having yanked lots of dusty papers around, trying to locate something I scrawled down a month ago. Naturally I finally found it, thumb-tacked to the board set up for that purpose.

Completed Midwinter today. Like many first-time novelists, there are some holes in what Spencer-Fleming has crafted, but it's a good read. Best of all, I think, are her descriptions of the biting cold of a winter in the mountains of New York. Though there are plenty of things that I dislike about Indiana, I do like the climate. We usually have a few weeks of bitter cold each winter, enough to strain the finances and remind us what cold really is, but not so many (usually) that we are forced into hibernation. The same is true for summer: a few weeks that are bitterly hot, but most of them simply warm. Spring and fall are longer here than elsewhere, so that they can be properly enjoyed.

Today is one of those wonderful Indiana summer days, with a slight breeze to rustle the trees; it's warm enough for shorts, but not unpleasantly humid and stiffling.

Words Written: none, but that's what I'll do next
Lessons Graded: twenty-two

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