Tuesday, August 24, 2004

purple pens (no, not that kind)

I've been grading in purple ink for nearly ten years. Nice to know that, for once, I was ahead of a trend.

Nice to know, too, that I might soon have more options for style and construction; I'm almost out of my favorite kind, and that style has long since been discontinued.

Words Written: zero
Lessons Graded: four

(not counting the six that I sent back for thinking that one paragraph constituted an essay...)


Anonymous said...

Always red ink in the UK :)

TeacherRefPoet said...

On typed papers, I prefer grading in blue--it just looks like I'm having a conversation with them. On in-class papers, I use blue or black...whatever they don't use. Purple is my favorite color...I don't want them to have negative associations with it.