Monday, August 23, 2004


A nod to Hip Deep for the reminder that little things are essential to happiness.

Even if I never complete my dissertation, I wil never, ever, ever have to take the SATs, ever again.

Words Written: zero
Lessons Graded: fifty-eight


Joe said...

Not taking the SAT's again? _Not_ taking the SAT's again? Lord, Lemming, some days my only grip on sanity is the little tiny chance that my boss will come in and say "Joe, drop what you're doing! I need you to complete this analogy out of the following four choices!"

I didn't even think the GREs were that bad. Now, taking my ACTs in Latin with a hangover, the day before high school graduation... that, I do not need to relive.

lemming said...

I took the GREs in a bitterly cold room, on a bitterly cold day, with bitterly cold rain falling outside. The question about Medieval Poland made the experience even worse, but at least I could go out for a drink afterward. This was not an option after the SATS, more's the pity.