Saturday, August 14, 2004

to work!

All right - I took the night off, watched the Olympics Opening Ceremonies, and now should be fresh and ready to tackle the issues of the day. I have a fresh cup of coffee for the grading, and then some chocolate for the writing. By 5:00 their combined effects should have pushed me into something progressive.

The work space really needs a tidy though - not really any room for books and scratch paper when it's already covered with soda cans, stray CDs and pens. Somehow I've managed to accumulate two boxes of band-aids, a bottle of pain-killers... cleaning as distraction. Obviously I'm going to need a second cup of coffee.

I love the Opening Ceremonies, primarily because I love the Parade of Nations as a geography quiz. There are always a few island nations, with beautiful outfits, that I haven't a clue as to where they are located. Thus, I watched with a glass of wine in one hand and an atlas in the other.

Words Written: zero
Lessons Graded: zero

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Anonymous said...

I can't get interested in the Olympics. Mind you, I can't get interested in any sport on TV. Perhaps it's because I'm British and we don't win anything? ;)