Thursday, August 05, 2004

further distractions

Distractions can take many forms.

1) I did quite a bit of grading last night, but still had more to go as midnight approached. Sam, my canine pal, decided that it was well past my bedtime (it was) and put his head in my lap. A quick pet did not suffice, nor did he want to go outside. Only when I turned off the computer did he stop, quite certain that this meant I (and he) were off to bed. I can read for fun with Sam curled up beside me or at my feet, but find it impossible to work.

2) Speaking of reading for fun, I read the first 75 or so pages of a great mystery novel last week while on vacation. Naturally, I've now forgotten the title, author, publisher, etc. but can't stop thinking about it. The title came from a song, and the heroine was an Anglican priest somehere in New York.... possibly enough information for a book-slerre, but too much information for an on-line search. I remind myself that, with vacation over, I really shouldn't be thinking about reading for fun anyway, given the pile of essays and academic journals.

3) While looking at the academic journals, it suddenly because of vital importance that I arrange all of them in chronological order. I had half of them off the shelves before I realized that I'd already given into this distraction a while back...

4) Oh, look! The mailman is here!

Words Written: zero
Lessons Graded: thirty-eight

1 comment:

Karen said...

Julia Spencer-Fleming's _In the Bleak Midwinter_?

Made my way over from Necromancy Never Pays. But now I may have to go hunt up this mystery novel; it sounds intriguing.