Thursday, August 05, 2004

dog walking as distraction

On our nightly walk, the dog and I were distracted from our usual routine by the ice cream truck as it drove by, blaring "Pop Goes the Weasel" at a volume loud enough to attract attention, but not loud enough to attract the police. After the third or fourth pass, I counted - the song, played at an exceptionally rapid pace, took about 12 seconds, but was repeated continuously. Over the course of, say, a three hour shift, that means that the driver has listened to the same song more times than I can calculate. (4 times a minute times 60 minutes in an hour - what's that, something like 700+?)

I grant you, there are plenty of repetative tasks in my daily life, but I think that this really would be more than I can take!

Words Written: zero (sense a theme?)
Lessons Graded: seventeen

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Hugh said...

Very Good. 720.