Tuesday, November 01, 2005

this, that, and the other

I spent the vast majority of my senior year of college writing a senior honors thesis, great preparation for writing a diss. (I attribute my slower diss progress to the cancelation of Unsolved Mysteries, without which honors would not have happened.) The "voodoo prof" was still in my life, but my (fanfare, fanfare) advisor kept him in his place.

I handed said thesis in a few weeks before graduation, and was promptly handed a very large glass of champagne by a very kind friend. For some reason we then spent the evening discussing ee cummings.

With my defense date officially, well, official, I'm trying to imagine what I'll do when done. The champagne goes without saying, though as I'm slightly older, it will probably cost more than $3.99. What will I do with my time? Sleep? read? catch up on movies? learn to crochet?

Let's not count chickens (or any other kind of fowl) as I still have quite a few pages to write first.

Three weeks and still no word from my advisor (so kind, so wonderful, may he live forever, may he find happiness and joy at each turn...)

Words Written: zero, but lots of primary source materials read
Lessons Graded: fifty (groan)


Hugh said...

Maybe all we local bloggers can buy you a drinky-pooh

Joe said...

You'll spend all that time brushing it up into a monograph.


But wait! The monograph is a best seller and you become a talking head in Ken Burns' documentaries!

*Duck Again!*