Thursday, November 10, 2005

tie a yellow ribbon?

Tomorrow is Veterans' Day. With all of the ink and airwaves dedicated to honoring those who serve, it's clear that Americans have renewed respect and admiration for vets, whatever our opinions of the wars.

Yet how many of the people with yellow ribbon magnets on their vehicles will attend any of the services and festivities organized to honor veterans? Oh, the local paper will send a team to cover them and there will be pictures on the front page of the newspaper, but I suspect very few of my GWB-supporting neighbors will be there. I can't remember anyone ever coming to my school to talk about their wartime experiences, thought that might have had something to do with the post-Vietnam angst.

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Anonymous said...

I suspect you're right about your neighbors, Lemming. No one who supports President Bush has any credibility when it comes to saying that they honor and/or support the troops. The stories about families having to buy body armor for their loved ones and the stories about soldiers having to pay for equipment damaged in battle are evidence enough that the administration cares little if at all for soldiers, or for veterans. Combine that with the low pay and crummy benefits of NCO's, along with cuts to the Veteran's Administration and it's enough to demonstrate how pathetic the current administration is in caring for people who've agreed to serve their country, (even those who feel their country's wrong)


Alison said...

Evidently, Columbus had a very good turnout today for its annual Veteran's Day parade, although I imagine they would have gotten MORE of a turnout if they'd had it tomorrow, on the actual day, when people are more likely to have the day off. One of the official events was a welcome-home to the Marines of Lima Company, who have suffered some major losses in Iraq.

The innapropriateness (is that really a word?) of the yellow ribbon as a symbol still astonishes me, by the way. I always want to approach the houses with them tied on trees and ask if they know what they really mean... so far I haven't had the guts, though.