Saturday, November 19, 2005

word challenge

Come up with a word which includes the letters "ch" twice.

I've come up with "church" and "Chinchilla" - anything else?


Joe said...


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John B. said...

Do they have to be English words???

Chechen (as in Chechen Republic, formerly in the USSR)

chinchilla (rodent)

Don said...

The ChaCha, Churchill,

tommyspoon said...


Don said...


harriet said...

hootchie-cootchie and Chipwich

Ron said...

So it is cheating, but the OED online has a great search feature.
I looked for ch*ch and found the following list (dupes deleted). My favorite is chiliarch -- the commander of a thousand men. This list is just words (and compound words) that start and end with "ch". There are 1221 entries for the search *ch*ch*.

1 chaffinch
2 chain-stitch
3 chalynch
4 chamber-pitch (found in chamber, n.)
5 chancel-arch (found in chancel)
6 change-church
7 character-sketch
8 chariot-match (found in chariot, n.)
10 chaunch, chaunfer
11 chawfinch
13 check-watch (found in check-)
14 check-winch (found in check)
15 cheek-pouch (found in cheek, n.)
16 cheese-cratch (found in cheese, n.)
17 cherice, cherich
19 cherry-finch (found in cherry, n.)
22 chich, n., a., v.
27 chiliarch
28 chimney-smutch (found in chimney)
29 chinch, n., a., v.
35 chiri(e, chirisch
36 chitch
37 chitter-pouch (found in chitter, n.)
38 chofinch
39 choir-pitch (found in choir, n.)
40 choke-fitch (found in choke-)
41 choledoch, a.
42 cholidoc(h)
43 chonch
44 chop-church
45 church, n. v.
47 church-bench (found in church, n.)
48 church-hatch (found in church, n.)
50 church-porch
51 chyle-stomach (found in chyle)

lemming said...

(mind boggles)

Wow! I had no idea that there wer so many - and I too like chiliarch. Mucho thanks, Ron.