Tuesday, November 22, 2005

of pumpkins

Confession: I've never really liked pumpkin pie. Fresh, store bought, doesn't matter - it just doesn't appeal. Now, pumpkin muffins are another story altogether, but I doubt that they will be on anyone's dessert menu on Thursday.

Pumpkins were almost certainly served in 1621 (the Pilgrims would have called it a Harvest Celebration instead of Thanksgiving, but that's another post for another day.) Pumpkins were cut into pieces, mashed, a few spices mixed in as available, and then baked. The Pilgrims didn't have any flour at that time and so couldn't have made pies anyway.

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. This is my favorite holiday of the year, even with the threat of snow added to travel plans. (Sounds like the Northeast will be particularly challenged this year.)

I think I'm sick again. This is nothappening. (sigh)

Words Written: three hundred, plus repaired commas and citations too numerous to be worth counting
Lessons Graded:forty


tommyspoon said...

Get better!

I held the same feelings on pumpkin pie until I had my MIL's pumpkin pie. It's a little slice of heaven, I'm tellin' ya! Perhaps I'll try to send you one...

John B. said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family...

You already know that I hate pumpkin pie, if you saw my post earlier this month on where the filling comes from.

We have 3" of snow already here, and 4-8 more due tomorrow. And we have to travel a bit...fun fun fun.

Rob said...

Ack! Hope you feel better, and I hope you have a day or two off from writing this weekend. Hang in there!

Rob M said...

Perhaps you would've liked our Thanksgiving deserts a bit better--we had a wide variety, incl. Mississippi mud pie, banana pudding, and more. Pretty darn good!