Tuesday, November 29, 2005

turkey day

I love Thanksgiving - 40+ people get together for 4 days of eating, bowling, Scrabble, etc. oh yes, and we eat a lot, too. (Yum!) I thought I was well enough for the usual activities, but crashed on Saturday and spent almost all of the day in bed. The hacking cough is still with me. I spent much of Monday and today inhaling sleep, too. Pnuemonia is evil.

I am truly blessed to have such a wonderfully fun & extended family. One of the younger cousins always tries to stump me with history questions. Last year it was kings & queens of England, this year it was presidents and First Ladies. He hasn't yet figured out that I know nothing about, say, medieval China or, even better for him, geometry.

While the grown-ups had coffee and pumpkin pie (no, I am not a grown-up! You can't make me!!) I got involved in a massive hair-braiding affair. Believe it or not, I used to have hair past my waist, and the cousins would spend Turkey Day putting it into 15, 000 braids. Now my hair is, er, short, so I do theirs and they tell me all about make-up. They are of the opinion that boys "might be nice" but "they need to take more showers." There you have it.

Hope you and yours had a great Thanksgiving.


torporific said...

They are of the opinion that boys "might be nice" but "they need to take more showers."

As a former boy, they're probably right.

Rob said...

Yep. I'd agree with that too.

Glad you had a good time!

John B. said...

And exactly what is wrong with going for days without a shower???

Next you will be telling me that I need to change my underwear every day.

My boys used to do the 'stink test'...they would smell each other and then try to convince their parents that they didn't need showers. Then again, our middle son used to smell his socks and underwear...need I tell you he did so after wearing them all day. Definitely he got that genetic quirk from his mom, not me.

Our oldest (16) hated baths and showers when he was young, now that he needs to look and smell good for the ladies, he showers twice or more many days. It changes sooner or later, usually as a result of noticing those same girls who complain about boys not showering when they are young.