Wednesday, October 12, 2005

yak tossing

Sorry to have disappeared from the blog world, but I've been sick. I've had the same "primary health care provider" for years now, and seeing him is one of the few perks to feeling like death warmed over. This time he began my appointment by reviewing my symptoms and asking if I'd visited Tibet recently.

"Er, no. Why?"

"Well, then you probably don't have the same strain of tuberculosis that I diagnosed last week." At which point he grinned his wonderfully infectious grin.

Comments from my advisor (may he live forever) arrived in today's mail. The appropriate use of the comma continues to elude me, but I did garner some praise as well, hurrah!

Words Written: next!
Lessons Graded: four


torporific said...

I was wondering about you. I just figured you were busy. I hope you feel better.

Rob said...

And I was wondering the same till I saw you post at my place earlier today. Get better soon! Yippee for some praise from Advisor!

tommyspoon said...

Here's a tossup for you:

"Yak Tossing", sport or medical condition?


John B. said...

You have the same creeping crud that I had for a week and am still getting over. I missed work Friday for the first time in years.

I think I got it by visiting your blog. :)

lemming said...

Mr. Spoon - I vote for religious observance.

Pope said...


"Yak tossing is evil, bad, redundant and causes hairy palms. Jokes about yak tossing are cruel and unusal (hence you very rarely see one) and EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN by the Geneva convention (so no doing it unles you're an American and above the law). Refrences to Yak tossing are iffy at best (not that I could stop you). Romours of certain weird cults that practice yak tossing are spurious (and may also be described by other words you learned for the SAT).

These people: do NOT toss yaks (ever). Remember whatever youv'e heard is ONLY a rumor."

That is all.