Sunday, October 23, 2005

White Sox and white paws

No brilliant dissertation ideas sprang into my mind during the sermon today, which means that for once the rector had my full & undivided attention. Thanks to my assiduous concentration, I now know that the White Sox won last night in a game with some terrific pitching. Trust me, this all had a connection to Moses and David.

As I predicted, Sam now considers his "pills mixed with broth and a few people food scraps" three times a day to be a part of the normal order of life, one nearly as important as the daily walk. I admire John's willingness to nurse pills into Ginger's system with a towel and some TLC. Sam is nothing if not stubborn, and I am a coward.

P.S. A very happy (if belated) birthday to Joe, my very favorite ref librarian.

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John B. said...

For the first time in a long time, my head was 'somewhere else' during today's sermon. I am usually attentive, but I found myself looking at the priest but not listening to what the priest was saying.

Autumn seems to do that to me...

As for the pills, well, I quit trying to fool our dog long ago. It is so bad that when I have to clean out her ears due to allergy infections, she goes and hides the minute she hears the cabinet door open that contains the q-tips and cotton balls.

Dogs are smart that way.