Friday, October 28, 2005


1) I am officially fed up with being sick. Even if TNT stopped showing Law & Order all day and gave me more episodes of ER I'd still be annoyed. I called the doctor on Monday and I think I'll call again today.

2) Still no word from my advisor (may he live forever) but I did like the Aruba theory.

3) Sam had his first meal of regular "active maturity" kibble this morning without beef broth to cover the taste of his pills. He looked at me quizzically for a moment, but I notice his dish is empty anyway.


Rachel said...

Idea about advisor (he in possession of health and prosperity) -- if he's teaching, this is officially the period of the semester when the world seems to come crashing in on you. Midterm grading, all the committees suddenly realize that if anything's going to get done this semester, it has to be done *now*, and getting to the point where, in that pre-semester class planning, you thought -- "oh, I'll have plenty of time to sort out the second half of the semester before it arrives." Yeah, right.

Or maybe this is just me...

Bartleby said...

Just leaving my official hope and wish that you feel much better very soon.