Thursday, October 13, 2005


My undergraduate American Lit professor truly blew me out of the water. Class time passed quickly, papers were always handed back quickly and plenty of humor throughout. She even made Herman Melville slightly interesting to me, which is saying something, given the depths of my loathing for his works.

We quickly figured out that the more handwriting you saw on your paper, the higher the grade. Oh, she could tear apart a B level essay, but the A papers excited her, and she would offer all sorts of comments, suggestions and funny asides.

Rereading the comments made by my advisor (may he live forever) on the introduction, he seems concerned that the amount of red ink on my prose might dissuade or depress me. Little does he know!

Words Written: corrections to intro
Lessons Graded: twelve

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X said...

I always greatly appreciated the teachers that gave good feedback. There is nothing worse than getting a grade that is lower than you expected and not knowing why.