Tuesday, October 25, 2005

man's thinking process

Two weeks ago (exactly - 3:15 PM) I sent my advisor (may he live in great happiness forever) a fairly detailed e-mail message. Said message included citations from primary documents as well as from Kate Terabian. As of 3:18 PM today, I'd not heard back.

This is unprecedented. Perhaps he is in Bermuda? Caught Avian Flu? Buried under a bookcase full of essential primary documents? Has decided that he hates me and is ignoring me??

(may he live forever, may his health and prosterity continue, may he know only happiness and joy)

I haven't worried this much about any man's thinking process since my freshman year of college.

Meanwhile, one of the department's secretaries has explained the dean's policies to me in a way that almost makes sense. Cancel the vodka shots; said sec deserves dozens of roses. I don't like the policy and it will make my life thoroughly miserable for several months, but at least I understand it.

Words Written: two hundred and six
Lessons Graded: five


Swankette said...

Normally I'm not one to point out typographical errors (pot, kettle and all that), but the idea of his health and prosterity continuing just makes me giggle uncontrollably.

torporific said...

Perhaps he has been hunkered down in Cancun.