Friday, May 20, 2005

nice work if you can get it

"Wow, Lemming, you're a really great teacher. I mean, usually I hate it when graduate students teach because professors are the ones who really know the material and everyone knows that grad students are stupid and inexperienced..."

No. Professors are the ones with PhDs. PhD does not equate with "good teacher" or even with caring. I have more teaching experience than many PhDs and several more teaching awards. I'm just cheaper to employ because the university doesn't have to give me benefits or insurance. If you want to be taught by PhDs exclusively, go to Earlham or Wabash. Yes, tuition will be twice as much, but that's because you won't be taught by doctoral candidates. You get what you pay for.

Oh, and that's Professor Lemming to you.

Words Written: Green Book sucks
Lessons Graded: after all, I'm only a grad student so what do I know about the material?

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