Saturday, May 21, 2005

dream a little (academic) dream

Dreamed last night that I was at a cocktail party. I didn't know anyone there, but I was having a lot of fun anyway (the food was very tasty, though I can't remember what was served and what I ate) and people were asking all sorts of great questions about my dissertation. I even had on the sort of very attractive yet slinky dress that means I must have lost that ten pounds I've been working on, hurrah!

Then I turned around and #2 (who is as nice as he or she is smart) was there. #2 said that they had been thinking of e-mailing me to suggest that I go with our back-up plan (we have a back-up plan for the project?! fantastic! what is it?) but after listening to me describe Roger's version of the diss structure, this was the idea I should use.

#2 also wanted to have the completed dissertation available by Monday.

I am a huge fan of the NPR show Says You! thanks to today's show, I now know that "scruze" means "to squeeze and crush." This is a great word, but I've no idea when I'll be able to use it.

Words Written: ready for a big weekend
Lessons Graded: sixteen


Rob said...

"Scruze" can be used in context with what one does with one's brain when in graduate school. For example, "I am 'scruzing' a dissertation out of my brain this weekend, per my recent dream."

Good word!

torporific said...

When does "Says You" air? I listen to npr quite a bit, but I don't think I've ever caught the show.

lemming said...

"Says You!" airs at 11 AM on Saturdays on WFIU.

One of the (few) perks to living on the South Side is that we can pick up two NPR stations. I think WFIU is one of the stations that you can listen to on the web and I know that you can listen to old "Says You!" episodes at their web site.

torporific said...

Oh, ok. I live in the Southport area, but I don't know if I can pick up WFIU there. I do know that when I drive home to my family in sw indiana I am always franticly scanning the dial and looking for WFIU after I lose FYI. I can never remember the exact frequency. It's somewhere in the low 100s sandwiched between country and western stations.

You're right about (few) perks on the southside. I just moved from the nw side in January. I always thought that there was a lot of cool stuff in Greenwood. I was wrong.