Tuesday, May 17, 2005

more on books

John seems obsessed with memes these days and tossing them to me. Nice to know that someone else struggles with writer's block on occasion.

Number of books owned
Ooo, wait now, this means I actually get to use my (pitiful even then) 8th grade math skills. Lesse, if there are about forty books on a shelf, times the number of shelves... (does some work on scratch paper) I've got about 550 books in my office. I have no idea how many are elsewhere, but I'd guess another 500.

Last Book Purchased
Princesses: The Six Daughters of George III by Flora Faser

Last book read
The Green Book and I'm working through Brown Book at the moment

Five books that Mean a Great Deal to Mel
One thing I did notice about the last book meme was that people tended to choose a few books they loved and then others simply because they were long and therefore time consuming and/or appropriate for kindling. Apart from the Bible, the other four books are all dissertation related, so I won't name them here. All of them, read at various points in my academic career, are works that made me sit up, revel in their pages, and want to "go thou and do likewise."

This from the lemming who hasn't had a thousand word day in quite a while. (sighs)

I'll toss this meme out there, for anyone who'd like it.

Words Written: that's next
Lessons Graded: seventeen

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John B. said...

I am just always amazed when a fellow history major can perform higher math (that is, math without using both your fingers and toes)...