Monday, May 23, 2005

here comes the rain again

Yet another dream about the slinky dress, the party and #2. I ran about 10, 000 errands this morning, and kept scanning for red lights so that I would have a few seconds to jot down the ideas popping into my head. (Of course I keep paper and pen within reach at all times, even if having a writing drought. I can be such a goof.)

In other words, this blog is serving its purpose and i'm actually writing again. This isn't the slow, tortured "come on, now, lemming, you can crank out a few hundred words before supper on point x" but the "holy blessed toledo, point x and person z are connected by event d! cool!" feeling.

Naturally this means that I had to spend the afternoon walking students through book reviews and proper use of there and their. Tonight, on the other hand, looks to be free as a bell. I do solemnly swear that I will not look at the tv listings to see what might be on American Experience tonight, lest I be distracted.

Words Written: nine 3'5 cards lined up by the computer
Lessons Graded: their = ownership, there = location


John B. said...

Aw hecks, it is just a show on Patty Hearst this evening.

Sounds like a great evening to enjoy the nice weather or a good baseball game on TV.

lemming said...

(whimpers) you had to tell me.

(beats John about the head and shoulders with green book)

TeacherRefPoet said...

Looks like the professor is having some annoying grammar errors over they're.

(My last paper of the year will be collected 5/31.)