Thursday, May 26, 2005

beloved dog

Poor Sam yesterday made his annual visit to the vet. Sitting in the waiting room, he adopted his "I am a good and well-trained dog but that is the only reason why I am sitting quietly when we both know what's coming" expression. The vet, delayed by a previous patient, made us wait longer than usual, and as time went by, the poor fellow began to shake, ever so slightly.

The shots and blood-taking Sam dislikes, but not as much as having to stand on the table and have every inch of him prodded. Luckily the vet is patient and quick. Sam's health is excellent but, quoth the vet, "at his age, Sam really should be eating senior dog food."

Nine - my beloved canine is nine. (sigh) The white increases around his muzzle and tummy... but as long as he can resist the kennel cough vaccination, I'll know he's still in true spirit.

Words Written: doing quite nicely, havn't yet thrown Green Book
Lessons Graded: seventeen


torporific said...

My poor dog hated the sight of the veternarian's office. He would shake and his nose would start to drip.

tommyspoon said...

Sorry to hear about your puppy, Lem. It's hard to see our pets get old, isn't it?

I'm writing to you from the Olin Library. Hugh is next to me scrolling through Fark or Defamer or something...

Wish you were here!

Rob said...

It's amazing how quickly our pets age. But hey, a 9-year-old dog in good health is FANTASTIC! I find it almost I can start to take advice from my "elder statesman" pet. Chester turned six last March, so he's now officially "older" than both of his parents.

Enjoy your happy, healthy companion, hopefully for nine more years!